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Flying Lotus

Spring 2013 Download MP3 here It’s been a year between shows… probably one of my biggest breaks, but good things come to those who wait, and I have a fine selection of sounds for you.  Another spring in Los Angeles, and I’m getting ready for another amazing season of music, in the next month: Giles [...]


Back from the Abyss… Download MP3 here For those who haven’t been here in a while, welcome back!  As usual I haven’t uploaded as show in a long while, work has softened me up.  I spent a very long time thinking about what I was going to play in this show, and I resisted the [...]

Me and Los Angeles Winter 2011

Me and Paris Edition Download MP3 here Welcome to the Me and Paris edition, with a mix by Stevan Veillerant, a friend of mine in France.  We talked about doing a show featuring some of the sounds he’s jamming in Paris, and finally we got our act together… hope you enjoy!  As you can also see, after [...]

Hilary Fernandes

Hilary Fernandes – “The Man” This month I’m breaking from my usual radio show post, to post about someone who gave me the gift of music and nurtured my musical imagination… if it were not for him, there would be no “Me and Los Angeles”. People are influenced by many things when it comes to [...]


History of Melbourne Funk and Soul Download MP3 here What’s up Guys, This month I’m straying away from my usual radio show posts and going old school!  Some of my old friends, Jase and Nick started a group on Facebook about the “History of Funk and Soul in Melbourne” and although I rarely ever get [...]


  Summertime in Los Angeles! Download MP3 here I know I say this every time I upload a radio show…. Sorry for taking so long! This summer has been especially fantastic with so many great live shows, new music and great parties. Make sure you download the MP3 for your iPod player, or to just listen [...]

Me and Los Angeles - Jan 2010

It Never Snows in Southern California! Download MP3 here Playlist: Blood on the Curb – Meshell Ndegeocello Daykeeper – Foreign Exchange Dusk Kisses – Shafiq, featuring Noni Limar Lost and Found – Shafiq, featuring Jimetta Rose, and Bilial Patience – Ntjamrose If This Is Love Electric Love – Viktor Duplaix Hyph Mngo – Joy Orbison [...]

Fall 2009 Me and Los Angeles

It Never Rains in Southern Cali, Fall 2009 Download MP3 here This is my first show after the sudden death of Michael Jackson, I got a chance to meet him once, there was just something amazing about that guy… Playlist: Harmony-   Atjazz Phoenix Rise – Maxwell For Real– AtJazz In My Fantasy – Tortured Soul Recommendation [...]

Me and Los Angeles Winter 2009

Special Dedication to Freddy Hubbard – RIP Download MP3 here Playlist: Wonder Love – Heavy remixed by Jazzanova Venus and Mars – BSTC Now You’re Calling – Mello Madness Tangerine – Ananda Project Jazz in Outer Space – BSTC Come and Get Me – Steve and I Happy People – Incognito Space Fruit – Sa [...]


Me and Los Angeles… Winter 2008 Part Two Download MP3 Here


Winter 2008… New Years Eve at the “House of the Black Budha” Part One Download MP3 Here After a long and painful election, finally Obama is in… Me and Los Angeles Winter 2008 shares the joy of this historical moment!


Me and Los Angeles… Fall 2008 Download MP3 Here


Me and Los Angeles, April 2008 Download MP3 Here


Me and Los Angeles, February 2008 Download Mp3 Here


Me and Los Angeles… Winter 2008 Part One Download MP3 Here


Me and Los Angeles, Winter 2007 Download MP3 here