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Old Skool

History of Melbourne Funk and Soul

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What’s up Guys,

This month I’m straying away from my usual radio show posts and going old school!  Some of my old friends, Jase and Nick started a group on Facebook about the “History of Funk and Soul in Melbourne” and although I rarely ever get nostalgic about the old days, reconnecting with people I knew many years ago and talking about music and old times reminded me of all the great music I got to play during my time living in Melbourne, Australia. My music taste has changed over the years, and it was a nice treat to look through my old collection to pull out some tracks I used to jam in the mid to late 80’s.

When I started DJ’ing it was during the Breakdance era, I remember seeing kids in New York scratching and rapping over the Chic classic “Good Times” and becoming obsessed with doing it myself.  One time I got to see Grandmaster Flash in a small club, and it was at that point I decided to become a DJ, got myself two Technic 1200 turntables, mixer, and a microphone – my life was changed forever from that point onwards.

For my many listeners who don’t know, I lived in Melbourne, Australia from 1984 through to 2000 and had the opportunity to DJ through many eras… and this show is dedicated to my old friends from that time.

Wayne Fernandez

History of Melbourne Funk and Soul from Wayne Fernandez on Vimeo.

4 Comments to “Old Skool”

  1. Adam Gillick says:

    Hey guys,

    Some of my greatest memories of that scene involved you Mr Wayne Fernandez!

    You Dj’ed at my 16th birthday party for myself and your sister Natalie.

    We worked together on the promotions for the Wreck’N'Effect concert with Michael Abdul (AAA Promotions)

    All those nights at the Warehouse Niteclub for “Effect” on Fridays with Bobby Love, Craig G and Ken Walker.

    Who can forget Clay & Gary Powell always ready at the bar for a drink or two?…or Clay’s guestlist at Carousel “Shirley plus 5!”

    Wayne you have come a long way brother especially with your music. You are and always will be an evolution.

  2. Laydee Lisa says:

    love u uncle! Great show!

  3. TINA B says:

    what a lovely way to start the Easter weekend – dancing in the backyard babe = thanks Wayne. xx

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