Me and Los
Enter the crazy musical mind of Wayne Fernandez

Wayne Fernandez
-Wayne Fernandez, Los Angeles 2010.

Welcome to Me and Los Angeles!  For those who are visiting for the first time, MALA was started by DJ Wayne Fernandez four years ago to keep the vibe alive from his former radio program on PBS FM and Kiss FM called WkD (Wicked) that ran in Melbourne, Australia for over 10 years.  When Fernandez left Melbourne in 2000 to move to Los Angeles he was overwhelmed with emails from former listeners who wanted to hear more about the scene in Los Angeles – hence the birth of “Me and Los Angeles”. 

It took him years to navigate the complex and diverse underworld of the Los Angeles music scene, and unlike many other major cities of the world where good music was visible from the surface, LA really had to get to know him first, before it gave away its secrets, he had to find his own place where it made sense to him, and that road to discovery brought Fernandez to West LA, where a pulsating underground scene lived, radio shows like Garth Trinidad on KCRW, through to artists like Flying Lotus, and Viktor Duplaix would hang out at the local clubs and bars spinning they’re rare mash-ups of vibrations.  The sound is not commercial, but divergent, you could hear old school greats like Marvin Gay, and then the next song would be something fresh that you’ve never heard of.  It could be deep and heavy electronica, and then all-the-way-live.  It could be deep house, hip hop, R’n’B, world rhythms and Jazz, but the one thing it had in common: It had soul.  Not the cliché meaning of the word, but the spiritual sense – you feel it in your heart.  Enjoy this transcendent journey taken by Wayne Fernandez as he shares with you his musical experience with “Me and Los Angeles”.